STRANGE STATE: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma

"I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Many of my friends, however, are scattered across the country. I am always getting interesting e-mails about exciting and rather spooky happenings going on everywhere but here in Oklahoma. I never had anything interesting to tell them about this state, until I read Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma by Cullan Hudson.
For instance, did you know that Oklahoma had its own mummy? How about those half-dozen lost treasures located throughout the state? Let’s not forget the ghost of Belle Starr or the mysterious lights seen in the skies over several areas of Oklahoma? Did you know that we actually have our own Dead Man’s Gulch and Bigfootville? Interested yet? How about those mysterious tales of Oklahoma’s past?
Strange State details a great many stories and a number of strange places in an easy-to-read format with a few points to ponder scattered through out the book. Cullan Hudson does an amazing job of finding obscure myths and legends (Downtown’s Chinese Tunnels, Edmond’s misplaced Bodies, and the town of Bethsheba) as well as some that are more widely known (The Stone Lion Inn, University of Oklahoma’s Cate Center, and the Skirvin Hotel). The truly interesting point of the book is the scope of it. It ranges from ghostly sightings and hauntings to UFOs and Big Foot. There is even a mention of a unicorn. Yes, I did say unicorn.
Curious about this strange state called Oklahoma, then be sure to check out Cullan Hudson’s Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma. You’ll find a wealth of information gathered by Cullan, as he sought out the truth behind the stories and legends passed down from generation to generation. You won’t be disappointed. Freaked out, maybe, but not disappointed." Reviewed by Ravanne Alexander


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Author Marilyn A. Hudson tackles a topic that has long afflicted many women in the Christian church. For one of the few times, the apparent limitations of women in the life of the church are examined by a woman. The words of the Apostle are balanced by examing the actions of Jesus Christ. Centuries of assumptions and "copycat" commentary are peeled away to reveal a world of new possibilities. The result may surprise some, anger many, and challenge all to reconsider "Those Peskey Verses of Paul."
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Endorsements for “Those Pesky Verses of Paul”:
“In an era where Bible interpreters, commentators, and theologians emphasize the anthropological aspects of the vital contributions of women to Christianity and the New Testament, Mrs. Hudson places the emphasis of exegetical enterprise where it belongs…in the arena of proper and correct Christology.” Ken L. Young, Associate Professor of Bible and Theology

“Marilyn Hudson provides more than an eye-catching title; in this work she delivers corrective to misnomers concerning the biblical portrait of women. Her conclusion that Jesus inaugurated an elevation of women to their proper distinction, and that Paul echoed that practice in the Church, desperately needs to be resounded in our day. With her stroke of a pen and sharp grasp of scripture, history and gender differences, this writer compels both men and women to re-examine ancient texts and contemporary interpretations in a quest to arrive at the truth.” Dr. Terry Tramel, Professor of New Testament

“Marilyn provides much needed balance in her examination of those “pesky” verses. Finally, a woman looks at the scriptures, sees the truth, and communicates it!” – Anna Storm, Renaissance Fire Alliance

“Mrs. Hudson's work explores a subject that has plagued the Christian world for centuries. What role, if any, should women play in the ever-unfolding drama of the church? Rarely has there been unity of thought in this "arena." Her work is informative, innovative and intriguing. It states clearly and succinctly the examples from the scriptures that have been argued many times. She writes to declare truth rather than to "prove a point" or "make a case." Bound by neither time nor culture, she makes her presentation in perspective of both in order that the reader understands more clearly, what the doctrinal precedent is. Christ brought liberty to the captive--even the captive of culture.” – C. Iaquinta, Certified Counselor and Educator

“Marilyn is…a skilled writer and storyteller…It’s so refreshing to have a balanced view of the role of women in the Bible – especially one that is written by a woman!" – Megan Miles

“For the first time I was able to read a woman’s perspective on these most perplexing of scriptures, Marilyn raises the questions that have puzzled, and disturbed me for years. She brings much needed sense and sensibility to the text. She handles them with a strong spiritual depth that preserves Paul’s place in the canon while bringing some much needed fresh air to the murky, bias layered texts…” Mary Brown, Educator
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Two new "Thumbprints" will be available late summer:

HEADLESS IN OKLAHOMA explores some strange and bizarre crimes of early day territory and statehood.

Every child's favorite fall holiday is the focus of the second volume, THE YEAR WITHOUT A HALLOWEEN. See how early Oklahomans celebrated this fall festival, some of the challenges and problems over the early years.



Author Marilyn A. Hudson is busy working on an expanded version of her intriguing monograph, "Did Death Ride the Rails of Early Oklahoma?" Her work, which has excited interest among law enforcement and amatuer sleuths alike, questions if a serial killer may have worked the rail systems of early day Oklahoma. Her ongoing research has uncovered some very interesting additional finds and some possible out of state links to similar deaths. The manuscript, tentatively titled WHEN DEATH RODE THE RAILS, explores early railroad history and chronicles intriguing deaths reported from 1900-1920 along Oklahoma rail roads.

Marilyn A. Hudson is an author, librarian and historian. Catch her MYSTORICAL blog that looks at history and mystery.



Phil Knight is the last live voice on radio in his corner of the state. Will a series of strange calls to his all night talk show change all that? Get ready for the "Night Voices." High volume and high strange. Spring 2008.


New "THUMBPRINT" will celebrate Animals!

A new children's book will be available soon combining ELEPHANT HIPS ARE EXPENSIVE and THE ADVENTURES OF A SOONER SPACE MONKEY by Marilyn A. Hudson. EH is a story about children racing to collect money to help bring an elephant to the OKC Zoo. SPACE MONKEY is a lighthearted look at the imaginary life of a monkey who helps the space program. Both stories are based in real events about animals in the zoo. The volume also contains additional fun activities to stretch the reading fun.


OFF THE PAGE! Basic Tips for Conducting a Storytime.

Drawing on her years as a children's librarian and storyteller, Marilyn A. Hudson has crafted a highly useful resource manual for anyone - teacher, parent, volunteer, or librarian- wanting to learn more about shares stories with children (both read and told). Perfect for training volunteers and staff new to children's services in a public library.
Comb binding; approx. 60 pgs. $12.00



Noted researcher, Loren Coleman, seen often on various Discovery channel specials, has included this Cullan Hudson book in his Best of 2007 list: http://www.cryptomundo.com/cryptozoo-news/cz-books-2007/.

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