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The Madame Delaine series Has launched!    The series is a fun romp through a gaslight world on the verge of a steampunk reality. It is coming but it is not yet fully formed. Airships sail over head and novel inventions cause people to marvel and some to worry.

Through this landscape saunters Madame Madelaine Delaine, steam punk sleuth, as she trails a nefarious and mysterious group led by "The Baron" and "The Duke". United by a connecting story arch, each book is a stand alone adventure.  They are also being made available in KDP format for Kindle. Print version will sell for about $12.00.

Madame Delaine: The Case of the Daring Girl Detective! (Nov. 21, 2012)
Set in Oklahoma City and New Orleans, follow Madame as she tracks down a mystery - while being trailed by the inquisitive daughter of the local police constable.  Outlaws, plots, and mysteries abound causing Madame to join forces with the daring girl detective and her charming father. (book two)

Madame Delaine: Invasion of the Aerostats! (due out spring 2013)
Introduces the gifted girl inventor Ardella Minerva Terry of Marigold Ranch near Vision in northern Texas. As strange events occur, queer lights seen in the night skies, and a friend mysteriously disappears, the rancher calls in old family confidante, Madame Delaine. As mysteries swirl overhead, can the two women solve the puzzle and halt the invasion of the Aerostats! (book one).

Madame Delaine: Murder on the Prairie Queen! (due out summer 2013)
Forces combine as the giant Clockwork Corporation prepares its historic speed run from Kansas City to Colorado in the 'Prairie Queen.'  Designed to be the fastest train in the world to compete with the airships, there are plots and plans in place to threaten existence!  Trapped on a speeding train as murder and conniving commence, can Madame Delaine solve the puzzle and  save not only their lives, but perhaps, the world as well? (book three)

Recommended ages: Teens to adults
Pages : Approx. 125

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Steampunk Sleuth Prepares for Debut

The opening book of the series of books featuring a steampunk sleuth will be launching in just a few weeks.  The MADAME DELAINE series features a woman of mystery who uses her keen skills in observation, logic, and intuition to solve mysteries.

In Madame Delaine and the Case of the Daring Girl Detective, met the 'world renowned mentalist', a suspicious local constable and his daughter with a nose for mystery.  A perfect book for young adults, readers needing a high interest read, or those interested in gaslight mysteries and steam punk fiction. 

(Fall 2012)

Madame Delaine in The Case of the Daring Girl Detective
(Spring 2013) 
Madame Delaine in the Invasion of the Aerostats!
(Summer 2013)
Madame Delaine in Murder on the Prairie Queen 

It is a different world where airships soar through crystalline skies, clockwork machinery run industry, and seemingly impossible strange inventions defy imagination -

A clever and mysterious woman who touts herself as a world-renowned "mentalist” -“Madame Delaine” - travels widely.  Although, looked on with suspicion by some she has an intriguing legal, social, and scientific circle of connections.  Her past is cloaked in mystery.  Intelligent, unruffled, with obvious social breeding she also seems to know her way around the back alleys, dimly lit dens, and more questionable places in any town.  

Just who is this woman and why has she come to town?  One thing is clear, wherever Madame Delaine travels there are daring exploits, strange adventures and mystery.

Author Marilyn A. Hudson is author of the short story collection, The Bones of Summer, co-author of The Mound, as well as several historical and inspirational titles. Her training in history, literature and research blend to create tales rich in character, interest, and action.

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