Phil Knight is the last live voice on radio in his corner of the state. Will a series of strange calls to his all night talk show change all that? Get ready for the "Night Voices." High volume and high strange. Spring 2008.


New "THUMBPRINT" will celebrate Animals!

A new children's book will be available soon combining ELEPHANT HIPS ARE EXPENSIVE and THE ADVENTURES OF A SOONER SPACE MONKEY by Marilyn A. Hudson. EH is a story about children racing to collect money to help bring an elephant to the OKC Zoo. SPACE MONKEY is a lighthearted look at the imaginary life of a monkey who helps the space program. Both stories are based in real events about animals in the zoo. The volume also contains additional fun activities to stretch the reading fun.


OFF THE PAGE! Basic Tips for Conducting a Storytime.

Drawing on her years as a children's librarian and storyteller, Marilyn A. Hudson has crafted a highly useful resource manual for anyone - teacher, parent, volunteer, or librarian- wanting to learn more about shares stories with children (both read and told). Perfect for training volunteers and staff new to children's services in a public library.
Comb binding; approx. 60 pgs. $12.00

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