New Book Explores Murders, Missing Persons and Mysteries

Now available!  The nearly forgotten 1951 torso case that rocked Yukon, Oklahoma; the unsolved torso killings of Texas, New Mexico and Florida; the missing women who turned up dead across several states; the missing bride case of Moore, Oklahoma in 1958; the mysterious and  unsolved disappearances and murders in the heart of Louisiana and much, much more...INTO OBLIVION: MURDERS, MISSING PERSONS AND MYSTERIES by Marilyn A. Hudson.

Author Marilyn A. Hudson explores a collection of crimes long forgotten, and sometimes, ignored by the passage of time.

Cases of disappearance, murder, and often worse -
the mysterious disappearance of Audrey Moate in Louisiana in 1956...
the unsolved torso slaying of Betty Jack Stevens in Oklahoma in 1952...
the unsolved murder and dismemberment of Willie Lois Depew in Oklahoma in 1951...
the unsolved murder of Billie Schafer in Oklahoma in 1951...
Author and researcher Marilyn A. Hudson stands along the stretch of highway scene to a still open missing person case dating to May 1958 in Moore, Oklahoma. On a bright morning a young bride, Carol Batterman left the Crown Motel to look for a more permanent dwelling for the couple while the husband was stationed at the Navy Training Center in nearby Norman. She was never, with any certainty, ever seen or heard from again.

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