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Authors: Ken L. Young, Chris Green, Irene Belyeu, Marvin J. Hudson
Biography: Scholars all, they contributed work to the Mosaic project of papers in honor of the late Noel Brooks. Ken L. Young is a professor of Bible and pastoral theology at Southwestern Christian University; Dr. Chris Green is on the faculty at Pentecostal Seminary in Cleveland, Tn; Irene Belyeu, is a scholar from Shawnee, Ok and is author of a work on the book of Revelation; Dr. Hudson is a pastor, a Intensive Interim Ministry Specialist, and educator.

Author: Cullan Hudson
Biography: Strange State was featured in Oklahoma Today and Hudson's short story “The Iron Door: Curse of the Sierra Jumanos” was selected for the 2005 Red Dirt Anthology. Hudson has interviewed, researched and investigated many of these tales first hand, uncovering new information in the process. The author has sought mysteries from North Africa to Europe and the Caribbean, including a three year stint in Puerto Rico, examining such legends as the Chupacabras.    Hudson is currently busy penning Stranger State: MORE Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma. You can look for his short fiction collection, Dark West, and his first novel, a supernatural thriller entitled The Mound.
Contact:       See a video of his presentation at the 2009 Honobia Bigfoot Conference

Author: Velma Terry
Biography:  Velma Terry (1915-1999) was born in Reno Co., Kansas and from her life and the challenges she faced came simple poems of great faith.  She had self-published three collections of poems which sold well in southwester Missouri where she lived shortly before her death. They were read over the radio by a local DJ and many pastors told her they shared them in their sermons.
Contact: Marilyn A. Hudson

Author: Marilyn A. Hudson
Biography: Marilyn A. Hudson has been a library professional in public, school, and academic libraries. Listed in the 1997 Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities, she was the 2002 recipient of the OLA Outstanding New Librarian Award, and member of the Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society, Golden Key, and Phi Kappa Phi. Her general research interests are in history, especially social, religious, and church history; women’s studies; mythology, folklore and storytelling. Hudson was lead writer and editor of the book, One Night Club and A Mule Barn: The First 60 Years of Southwestern Christian University and authored, Those Pesky Verses of Paul: Examining Women in the New Testament, Elephant Hips are Expensive, The Bones of Summer, The Mound, When Death Rode the Rails, Noel Brooks, Murderous Marriages and others. She received a B.A. in History and an M.L.I.S. from the University of Oklahoma.

Artist/Illustrator: Haley Fulco
Biography: Haley Fulco, freelance artist, graduate of the University of Oklahoma.  She created the illustrations for Elephant Hips are Expensive (2005 OUT OF PRINT). 
Contact: not available

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