Popular Children's Title Reissued

Reissue of ELEPHANT HIPS ARE EXPENSIVE by Marilyn A. Hudson with illustrations by Molly Lemmons Sparks Memories.
The popular children's story book about a group of children banding together in 1949 to help bring a new elephant to the zoo has been reissued with new illustrations.  Storyteller and author Molly Lemmons drew on her personal memories of childhood and being one of those money raising children to craft fun and whimsical graphics.
"I remember sitting in the audience at the Municipal Auditorium (Aka Civic Center Music Hall) while at a school wide concert," Molly recalls with a smile. "...and the emcee announcing: "Boys and Girls, you have bought an elephant for the Oklahoma City Zoo." The entire audience of elementary school children jumped to their feet and screamed and hollered to the top of their lungs. I was one of these children."

The book from Whorl Books is available now in print form here.  Soon, it will also be available in Kindle format.

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WHORL BOOKS announces that a revised edition of ELEPHANT HIPS ARE EXPENSIVE, a children’s book by Marilyn A. Hudson, will be published in the near future.

The book, which traces how a small group of children struggle to finish raising money to bring a baby elephant to the zoo, is based on real events in the late 1940’s in Oklahoma City.  Children all across the state of Oklahoma raised money to bring a new elephant to the capitol city zoo.  Local newspapers featured fundraising graphs and updates

Adding to the story in this revised edition will be the whimsical illustrations of well known author and storyteller, Molly Lemmons. 

Her charming pictures add to a very special story sure to please any child and maybe a few adults who remember, like Molly, of being one of “Judy’s kids.”


Stories Center Stage! New Book Reveals History

Norman author and storyteller, Marilyn A. Hudson, is author of a new work.  Stories Center Stage! is a brief history of the art of storytelling in modern day Oklahoma.

It scans evidence of storytelling in schools, libraries, churches, homes and public spaces and special events from the early 20th century.  It includes short biographies of artists who served as pioneers and some of those who actively shared stories using oral storytelling art forms from 1900 to present day.

Available now in print and Kindle versions.

Be sure and check out The Spirit of Oklahoma Storytelling Festival June 13-14 in Bethay, Ok. 


Off the Page! A Great Resource for Childcare Providers, Parents

Perfect resources for child care providers, community event planners, parents, home schools, volunteers, teachers and public libraries planning to add story times to their programs.

This work is suitable for early childhood and pre-school programs and workers. it includes easy ways to inserting authentic learning into sharing of picture books with children or groups and in making storytime the most anticipated of events.

Author Marilyn A. Hudson has been a children's librarian in both elementary school and public libraries. In addition, she has been a college level library administrator and teacher...



'Windows' Gives Unique View on Historic Building

Author Marilyn A. Hudson announces the completion of her most recent project, The Windows of Wesley: A Historic and Inspirational Journey, available in April via Amazon.com and other venues. 
A historic and inspirational tour of the English Gothic Sanctuary of Wesley United Methodist Church (Oklahoma City, OK). The church was established in 1910 as Wesley Methodist Episcopal, North, and the sanctuary constructed in 1928. At that time four large (approx. 16 x 20 foot)  Christ windows, numerous smaller story windows, and extensive stone and wooden ornamentation, were added.  Hudson has brought together church writings, history, and new research to uncover some interesting artistic and community history.

A blend of church history, local history, art history and the spiritual motivation sparking the use of the windows and the impact they have had on members.  Devotional writings by church members and leaders over the years further enrich the descriptions. Black and white images with accompanying historic, artistic, and inspirational text.
Information is included about the windows, their donors, and their known artistic influences. Additionally, other aspects of artistic expression at the church are also discussed, along with a reflective spiritual guide of the sanctuary.
On Sunday, April 13 (Palm Sunday) at 3 p.m. Hudson will lead guests through an inspirational tour of the sanctuary windows.  Interested individuals should call Wesley UMC at 405-525-3521 to reserve a place on this tour.

ISBN: 978-0615991917   / 01-0615991912   Createspace Market Page   $14.00 / 98 pages
(Look for it in 5-7 days on Amazon.com, etc.)
Subject areas: Stained glass windows, Oklahoma, United Methodism (History), Oklahoma City, Wesley United Methodist Church

Catalog 2014-2015


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