'FOUL HARVEST' Coming April 2015

"Scream if you must - but no one is coming to your rescue."

Norman based author Marilyn A. Hudson and Whorl Books are pleased to announce the coming publication of her third novel, called Foul Harvest.  

Hudson is co-author of the 2010 horror novel, The Mound and is author of the fantasy fiction work The Sword of Anath.  She has also penned several historical non-fiction works, including Tales of Hell's Half Acre, When Death Rode the Rails, and Murderous Marriages. In addition, she has written a children's story book, Elephant Hips are Expensive illustrated by Molly Lemmons, as well as several inspirational titles.

A graduate of the University of Oklahoma Hudson has been a professional librarian in elementary, public, and higher education settings.

"Scream all you want. No one is coming to your rescue.

Her luck has always been bad, her decisions worse, and the 'American Dream' is her nightmare. 
He is the envy of many, wants for nothing, and makes it all look so easy.

They are about to meet and one of them will pay the ultimate price.

There are among us dark souls planting seeds of evil in fields most of us don't care to venture. In the shadows along the borders of our civilized world, they reap from the flesh of the lost a foul harvest.

But some things grow tougher in the shadows.  Sometimes they fight back."

Early comments about the work :

".. it was very well written. With a lot of cliffhangers that kept you just so intrigued. You never really knew what was around the next corner. Loved the book now waiting for the movie."-- Lorene Young, Case Management Assistant

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At the Whorl Books booth at the Underground Monster Carnival at the OKC Fairgrounds, March 7, 2015.  Met some wonderful people, volunteers, and had lots of foot traffic for a fun day!  Marilyn A. Hudson was part of an author panel on 'The Writer's Mind' sponsored by OKC Edge.


Coming soon....

Scream if you must...but no one is coming to your rescue.
A serial killer has his sights on her...



Authors Marilyn A. Hudson and Cullan Hudson will be on hand at a Whorl Books booth on Sat. March 7, 2015 at the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds.  At 2 p.m. Marilyn A. Hudson will participate in a writer's panel with several other local authors.
The event formally releases the new book, "The Sword of Anath: The Warriors", a sharp edged fantasy novel.   Other works by Hudson include, Murderous Marriages, The Bones of Summer, When Death Rode the Rails, and she co-wrote the popular, The Mound.
Cullan Hudson, noted blogger and author of what has been called 'the definitive work on the strange in Oklahoma', Strange State. This popular title has been reissued several times due to high demand. He co-wrote the horror novel, The Mound and is currently working on a sequel to both books.

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