Author Barbara Jones Announces New Book

Oklahoma author, educator and storyteller, Barbara Jones announces her foray into historical romance with a soon to be published novel. Look for it this fall!



The revised edition of Those Pesky Verses of Paul is now availableAuthor Marilyn A. Hudson tackles a topic that has long afflicted many women in the Christian church. For one of the few times, the apparent limitations of women in the life of the church are examined by a woman. The words of the Apostle are balanced by examing the actions of Jesus Christ. Centuries of assumptions and "copycat" commentary are peeled away to reveal a world of new possibilities. The result may surprise some, anger many, and challenge all to reconsider "Those Peskey Verses of Paul."

Endorsements for “Those Pesky Verses of Paul”:
“In an era where Bible interpreters, commentators, and theologians emphasize the anthropological aspects of the vital contributions of women to Christianity and the New Testament, Mrs. Hudson places the emphasis of exegetical enterprise where it belongs…in the arena of proper and correct Christology.” Ken L. Young, Associate Professor of Bible and Theology

“Marilyn Hudson provides more than an eye-catching title; in this work she delivers corrective to misnomers concerning the biblical portrait of women. Her conclusion that Jesus inaugurated an elevation of women to their proper distinction, and that Paul echoed that practice in the Church, desperately needs to be resounded in our day. With her stroke of a pen and sharp grasp of scripture, history and gender differences, this writer compels both men and women to re-examine ancient texts and contemporary interpretations in a quest to arrive at the truth.” Dr. Terry Tramel, Dean

“Marilyn provides much needed balance in her examination of those “pesky” verses. Finally, a woman looks at the scriptures, sees the truth, and communicates it!” – Anna Storm, Renaissance Fire Alliance

“Mrs. Hudson's work explores a subject that has plagued the Christian world for centuries. What role, if any, should women play in the ever-unfolding drama of the church? Rarely has there been unity of thought in this "arena." Her work is informative, innovative and intriguing. It states clearly and succinctly the examples from the scriptures that have been argued many times. She writes to declare truth rather than to "prove a point" or "make a case." Bound by neither time nor culture, she makes her presentation in perspective of both in order that the reader understands more clearly, what the doctrinal precedent is. Christ brought liberty to the captive--even the captive of culture.” – C. Iaquinta, Certified Counselor and Educator
“Marilyn is…a skilled writer and storyteller…It’s so refreshing to have a balanced view of the role of women in the Bible – especially one that is written by a woman!" – Megan Miles



Marilyn A. Hudson, author of The Bones of Summer, When Death Rode the Rails, and co-author of the novel, The Mound, branches out to create a story featuring an intriguing character.

The books featuring 'Madame Delaine' should be in print by mid 2012.   "Madame Delaine and the Gutsy Girl Detective" should be first followed by "Madame Delaine, The Case of Diamonds and Dirigibles."

"She is a little like a female Sherlock Holmes, " Hudson noted, " only with some steam punk perspectives and values."

The works will target the young adult audience but will be enjoyable for any age group. "The focus will be on crafting a good story first and all else will fall into place."

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction and offers alternative universe aspects along with dashing clothes, mechanical gadgets, and steam inspired technologies.  "Think of the movie, 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen', or any of the works of Jules Verne and you can see the blending of the Victorian-Edwardian eras with inventions and strange problems."

Why steampunk?  "Steam punk is one of the fastest growing sub-genres out there and the freedom of the imagination encouraged through it is astounding."  Smiling she said, "A perfect genre for someone who never lost their love of playing 'dress up'."

As not only an author but a storyteller and performer, she is also at work crafting oral stories for some "Steam Punk Storytelling."    When she is not strolling the by-ways with her parasol, penning another tale, or sharing an exciting story, she is at home in Norman, Oklahoma.



Since its first appearance, Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma, has received high praise for its scope and style. It has been periodically reprinted and is now available in a 3rd edition.   Alien visitors to Bigfoot through Zombies in the Sooner state are covered with keen insight, balanced perspective, and occasional humor.

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This collection of chilling tales is delighting readers with is mix of tales about aliens, ghosts and vampires.  

Targeting the young adult and adult reader, the stories are sure to please anyone who likes a shiver now and then.

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What Readers Are Saying...

Just released a few weeks ago and already reader response is very positive!

"The book started out fast and the pace never let up."
"One awesome book..."
"I love the characters...."
"I was not expecting this....truly a pleasant surprise."
"Thrill! Ride!"

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Early day law officer Sam Bartell, notorious local Madame's such as Annie Wynn, and notorious murder cases.   Along the way are also mysterious people and bizarre events.



In 1906, a headline cried "Girl in Red Takes Plunge of 42 Feet on Horse's Back" in Oklahoma City's Colcord Park before an audience of some 2,000. The 2:30 event was part of the grand entertainment of fancy shooting, diving horses, and daring riders, like the girl in red "the bravest girl in the west", riding the diving horses.(Okahoman, Dec. 4. 1906, pg. 5)
 "Doc Carver" or "Dr. Carver" had begun the wild west show phenomena in the 1870's, one of his first performers was Bill Cody. His show, in an appreviated format, continued well into the 1930's.
He was well known in Texas as well as nearly everwhere else in the country, (http://www.texasescapes.com/MikeCoxTexasTales/192-Jumper-and-Diving-Horse.htm). The girl changed from time to time - which may be why she was whisked away before reporters could interview her in OKC - but all that was needed was the red outfit and a girl with enough bravado, or desperation, to make the jump.

The girl jumping into the tank of water continued with the Dr. Carver show for many years. One young woman in the 1920's missed the water and hit her head, blinding her for life. Yet, she went on to make more jumps and her story is immortalized in the Disney film, "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken."

Thorp, Raymond W. "Wild West" Doc Carver : spirit gun of the West; plainsman, trapper, buffalo hunter, medicine chief of the Santee Sioux, world's championmarksman, and originator of the American Wild West Show".
Buffalo Bill Historical Center at http://www.bbhc.org/edu/readyReference_02.cfm 

Also included are such episodes as the 1907 James Meadows murder trial.   Were the lovers - Lila Meadows (wife of the victim) and young Rudolph Tegler - "set up"?  Who really killed Meadows in his Capital Hill house and why?  Who were the mysterious 'medium' and the so helpful neighbor of Lila's who simply disappear?  It was a case with everything including barely ethical lawyers, courtroom theatrics, sudden illness, people who may have been paid off, and too many suspects.

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WHEN DEATH RODE THE RAILS examines some true accounts of questionable deaths along railways from 1900 to 1920 across Oklahoma.   Along the way explore the history and culture of those rough and rowdy days and then decide for yourself....


"On a warm day in Oklahoma, workers found an unidentified and nearly nude male body within feet of a rail line. On closer examination, the nature of the bruises showing on the man’s remains meant the initial theory of just a hapless soul hit by a train no longer fit.
Across the state, to hide their crimes, criminal elements dumped bodies along the tracks with throats slit “ear to ear” and skulls “crushed.”  Passing trains have helped disguise their deeds in the past. This time, however, they were not lucky and the body gets spotted before a train comes through.
Local dogs find human bones and drag them, snarling and fighting over ownership, through the hot and dusty streets of a southwest Oklahoma town.  Authorities, eager to close a messy case, look at the bones and quickly determine death by “natural causes.” 
A local farmer found dead in his yard with his throat cut. So aggressively and deeply made is the incision that it nearly severs his head from his shoulders.  Local police surprisingly label it a clear “suicide.”  The man’s farm is within easy walking distance of a busy rail spur.
Across the state, all within easy reach of a rail line, other bodies appear."

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Great books for any season...
Authors Cullan Hudson and Marilyn A. Hudson



Authors,  Cullan Hudson and Marilyn A. Hudson, will present a program at the Enid and Garfield County Public Library on Saturday, October 8, 2011 at 10 a.m.

Hear about the research and writing process, dramatic readings of selected portions of their new work,  The Mound: A Novel, hear a spine tingling tale from Oklahoma history from Marilyn, who is also a professional storyteller who specializes in shivery offerings as "The Ghost Teller."

Cullan Hudson is a freelance graphic artist and author of the popular work, Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma.  This almost encyclopedic look at the strange side of Oklahoma history has been called "the book on the subject."   Marilyn A. Hudson is author of a collection of chilling tales The Bones of Summer and a historic monograph, When Death Rode the Rails: Strange Deaths Along Oklahoma Rails, 1900-1920.

There will also be opportunity to get autographs and photos with the authors.   All books are available on Amazon.

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