Red Dirt Book Festival (Shawnee, OK) Nov.2-3

STRANGE STATE: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma by Cullan Hudson (2007) will be available ! You have a chance to acquire what is quickly becoming recognized as a standard work on all the strange and unusual for the state of Oklahoma. Grab your centennial edition at the conference.
"This has been a popular book", noted the author in a recent interview with WHORL BOOKS. "People have really enjoyed the integrity, open-mindedness, and the humor. This is the third time it has been reprinted, so it is finding a niche."
For anyone looking for mysterious Oklahoma, there is no better source than "Strange State" by Cullan Hudson. Stop by the Hudson House Pub / Whorl Books booth at the Red Dirt Book Festival in Shawnee, Oklahoma on Nov. 2 and 3. Contact hudsonhousepub@yahoo.com to order a copy.


THE MOUND - A Mystery Set in Oklahoma

Target Release Date Early 2008
An exciting supernatural thriller by Cullan Hudson and M.A. Hudson.
Set in Oklahoma and brimming with its hidden history, THE MOUND will take you on a thrilling journey into the paranormal. Matt Wolf busies himself with the renovation of the Monford Arms Hotel in quiet eastern Oklahoma settlement of Corvus Mound , unaware of his ancient legacy and strange destiny. Karen Houston in perplexed by the incongruous find she discovers while excavating the ancient mounds nearby. Little does she know that it is inextricably linked to her strange and frightening dreams. Psychic Rain Hoffmeyer will need every reserve of insight and intuition to fathom meaning from the bizarre visions leading her to a terror that will challenge her spirit as much as her mind. These three must understand the forces that have drawn them together in order to fight back the ancient evil awakening within THE MOUND.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: hudsonhousepub@yahoo.com or write5658 NW Pioneer Circle Norman, Oklahoma 73072

New Images by Cullan Hudson (copyright 2007)

The door to.....

Visit his blog at: http://www.strangestate.blogspot.com/

Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma by Cullan Hudson

Meet the artist and the author: CULLAN HUDSON
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The author Cullan Hudson began his search for stories strange and unusual out of idle curiosity. Soon he realized he had a stack of wonderful stories and legends about Oklahoma. Never content with urban legends, he applied some basic research to the stories (something seldom done) and rounded out the tales with new and, sometimes, intriguing facts.
His work has been hailed as "the source" for all that is strange and wonderful in Oklahoma. He follows the tales, fills in details, debunks when necessary and injects a fun humor to create a truly readable book. He did a great deal of firsthand research, including visiting and speaking with people in the areas discussed. He attended several "investigations" and tracked down sources for many stories.
His talents as a graphic artist set the work apart as well. Evocative, moody, and sometimes haunting images created by the author fill the pages and cover. Hudson is currently at work on a fictional story of paranormal suspense.
Available from Hudson House Publications (5658 NW Pioneer Circle, Norman, OK 73072). ISBN: Cost: $24.00.


Meet the artist and the author: Marilyn A.Hudson
In Night Voices, all night radio personality Phil Knight has second thoughts about his chosen career after one night's bizarre, haunting, and mysterious calls. Night Voices is a collection of short stories and contains, by request, several longer versions of stories that first appeared in the now out of print, Shadow Tales of Oklahoma. To follow Night Voices are two other collections, tentatively titled Shadow Roads and Fractures.

Of previous work reviewers have had this to say about her first collection Shadow Tales of Oklahoma :
" ...stories that will surprise you and leave you looking over your shoulder every time you leave the house, paranoid about crossing bridges, ....and make you vow never to find yourself in the middle of nowhere." --Kathryn Thurman
"The stories Marilyn brings us are not only intriguing, but also make us wonder if the happenings are truly possible..."
"I enjoyed reading the stories and folklore of Oklahoma. Just give me a campfire...and Marilyn Hudson's book and the shadow tales will rule the night."
"Marilyn Hudson brings drama to her stories...."

Other works:
Elephant Hips Are Expensive. A children's boook. (HHP, 2007)
Off the Page!: Sharing books and stories with children. (HHP, 2005)
One Night Club and a Mule Barn.(Tate 2006)
Short fiction that appeared in the I & II Volumes of the "Red Dirt Anthology".

In the works:
Annie Oklahoma and other tales of the Sooner State.

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