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WHORLBOOKS features unique publications that are mysterious, rich in suspense, and steeped deeply into the well of human experience. Stories of paranormal realms, conspiracy theories, alternative history, and the out of the ordinary combine with offerings of scholarship, juvenile, and history.
Marilyn A. Hudson is Whorl Books
1225 N. College Street, Cordell, Oklahoma 73632
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  • Editing ($2.00 per page for basic grammar editing)
  • Cover art, Flyers, and Promotional Graphic Art; Cullan Hudson, Fresh Eire Design, is available to design art for a fee.
  • Need help with a cover and formatting to load to CreateSpace?  Ask.
Post production/publication promotional announcements of publication dates, appearances, book signings, etc. on "Oklahoma Authors and Writers".  These are provided as time allows.

Tired of those groups or companies that promise the moon, but never get back to you?  Tired of the inability to get your work and your events publicized?

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Submit your book blurb (in an email or word processing program - not a .pdf as they cannot be loaded); A .jpg image of cover, author, or event; ALL ordering and contact information.   Send to: marilynahudson@yahoo.com

Over the years, I have seen a problem with many authors is an inability to briefly describe their work. Since the description is part of the selling package it is crucial to be able to quickly and clearly express why your book is something a person needs. As a result, book jackets reflect often long and rambling litanies of events in the story but lack a clear expression of focus, theme, or genre. If you are a writer you can learn to do a book blurb that will knock the socks off any reader!

How to Write a Blurb:

Use the space of an index card, describe your book in action verbs, tease or hook the potential reader (why should they bother with your work out of all the choices out there?), tell  something briefly about the author (longer narrative of the author ONLY if it contributes to the sale-ability of your work (you're  an expert in the field, you have other writing experiences, or unique personal background showing you would have something to say).

Think of the teaser for that movie you want to see, that news feature you would stay up to catch, etc.  Craft your blurb in active 'sound bites'.

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