A collection of chilling tales by Marilyn A. Hudson will soon be available on Amazon.  Hudson, author, historian, library professional, and storyteller, blends her background in history, libraries and storytelling, to craft tales that stir the imagination.  These short tales suitable for teens and adults include stories of ghosts, aliens, creatures of the night, dead bodies, killers, and other mysteries: "The Lights", "The Last of the Iron Fists", "Memory", "Metal", "Fungus", "Dancing in the Moonlight", "Our Last Dance", and others.

"Give me a dark evening, Marilyn's stories, and I am set." States reviewer Kathryn Thurman. "Marilyn's tales rule the night!"

Turn up the lights, toss another log on the fire  and then settle down with The Bones of Summer....enjoy the chill.

Here's what readers have to say about this author:

"Marilyn Hudson's tales are often lyrical, sometimes funny, and always imaginative." 

"Her stories made me snuggle a little deeper into the cushions..."

"Thoroughly enjoyable!"

"Promising new voice...."

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