Author Marilyn A. Hudson is busy working on an expanded version of her intriguing monograph, "Did Death Ride the Rails of Early Oklahoma?" Her work, which has excited interest among law enforcement and amateur sleuths alike, questions if a serial killer may have worked the rail systems of early day Oklahoma. Her ongoing research has uncovered some very interesting additional finds and some possible out of state links to similar deaths. The manuscript, tentatively titled WHEN DEATH RODE THE RAILS, explores early railroad history and chronicles intriguing deaths reported from 1900-1920 along Oklahoma rail roads.

Includes a special BONUS section of  "Tales of Hell's Acre".  Early Oklahoma City included a fascinating area known as "Hell's Half Ace."  Enjoy some unique true stories of those wild and woolly days just before and after statehood.

Marilyn A. Hudson is an author, librarian and historian. Catch her MYSTORICAL blog that looks at history and mystery.

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