A modern 21st century city is growing up in the Oklahoma capital city, but it was once very different.  Although many of the locations discussed in this book have been long destroyed by Urban Renewal or other forms of progress, their stories lurk below the surface.  Explore the other side of Oklahoma City history.  A collection of true tales of murder, mayhem, and mysteries of early day OKC.   Read about lawmen, madams, local heroes, missions,  plots, and unsolved mysteries.

Read about Big Annie Wynn, U.S. Marshall and OKC Constable Sam Bartell, the Katie James Murder, and the Meadows Murder of 1907.  

From the land run of 1889 till about 1915, the area of the current Cox Convention Center and nearby Myriad Gardens was the heart of "Hell's Half Acre."   Saloons, gambling halls, brothels and a myriad of 'businesses' who walked on the wild side.  Visitors would step off the train and be drawn to the music, the drinks, the games, and the girls. A basic, simple walking guide allows the reader to walk the areas and see where the action was, even if hidden by modern construction.  Starting at the corner of the historic Santa Fe Depot it allows the reader to see below the surface or maybe through time, to what once was.

"Marilyn A. Hudson's writing is a delight as she tempts the mind and stirs the imagination." Ann Brown, Review This!

Part of Whorl Books, "Haunted By History" series.  Look for on Amazon.

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