Popular Children's Title Reissued

Reissue of ELEPHANT HIPS ARE EXPENSIVE by Marilyn A. Hudson with illustrations by Molly Lemmons Sparks Memories.
The popular children's story book about a group of children banding together in 1949 to help bring a new elephant to the zoo has been reissued with new illustrations.  Storyteller and author Molly Lemmons drew on her personal memories of childhood and being one of those money raising children to craft fun and whimsical graphics.
"I remember sitting in the audience at the Municipal Auditorium (Aka Civic Center Music Hall) while at a school wide concert," Molly recalls with a smile. "...and the emcee announcing: "Boys and Girls, you have bought an elephant for the Oklahoma City Zoo." The entire audience of elementary school children jumped to their feet and screamed and hollered to the top of their lungs. I was one of these children."

The book from Whorl Books is available now in print form here.  Soon, it will also be available in Kindle format.

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