3rd Edition of Popular Work Being Published

The long-awaited third edition of Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma will be available online in a matter of days. 

This is the most comprehensive book on paranormal phenomena in the Sooner State. In addition to Ghosts, UFOs, Sasquatch and all else that goes bump in the night, this volume examines legends of buried gold, forgotten ghost towns, and mysterious places suffused with unexplained forces. 

The third edition will be available on Amazon, making it easier to find and easier to purchase by individuals, libraries, and bookstores.

The author and graphic artist, Cullan Hudson, is also seeing his first novel bring released August 1, 2011.  The Mound: A Novel is a paranormal fiction work set in a mythical town in southeast Oklahoma.   

He is also busy working on a sequel to his popular collection and Stranger State: MORE Legends and Mysteries of Oklahoma should be out late 2012 as well as a collection of short stories called Dark West.

It will be available via Amazon.

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