If you are a child under the age of 16 and like to draw - enter this contest.  No money - but lots of bragging rights as your art work will be loaded on a couple of web sites - and  some may be used in an upcoming children's book (scheduled for 2012).  Artist's selected will receive a free copy of the book when published.

Illustrations are needed for the following stories:

- "The Big, Bald Werewolf"
The big mean werewolf is rescued by children who use their old sweaters to knit replacement fur for the balding werewolf.
- "The Space Monkey"
An adventurous little Macaw monkey escapes from the zoo...again and again,  so he is trained to be an astronaut and then goes to space...
- "A Lion is Loose"
A lion rides, with several teens, in an open car all around the town....where would he go and what would he see?
- "Annie Oklahoma"
She's tall, thin, and was born the day Oklahoma became a state. Her mother was a Native American and her father a red-haired cowboy.  She had an encounter with a load of pitchforks, an oil well, and  fought off a tornado with a beehive....and is always ready for the next adventure.
-"Library Mouse"
What kind of adventures would a mouse have in a library?

Work should be original, quality, and reflect one or more the actions mentioned above.

Email your pictures - with your parent's permission - to whorlbooks@gmail.com or write: M. Hudson, 5658 NW Pioneer Circle, Norman, Ok 73072.

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