WHEN DEATH RODE THE RAILS examines some true accounts of questionable deaths along railways from 1900 to 1920 across Oklahoma.   Along the way explore the history and culture of those rough and rowdy days and then decide for yourself....


"On a warm day in Oklahoma, workers found an unidentified and nearly nude male body within feet of a rail line. On closer examination, the nature of the bruises showing on the man’s remains meant the initial theory of just a hapless soul hit by a train no longer fit.
Across the state, to hide their crimes, criminal elements dumped bodies along the tracks with throats slit “ear to ear” and skulls “crushed.”  Passing trains have helped disguise their deeds in the past. This time, however, they were not lucky and the body gets spotted before a train comes through.
Local dogs find human bones and drag them, snarling and fighting over ownership, through the hot and dusty streets of a southwest Oklahoma town.  Authorities, eager to close a messy case, look at the bones and quickly determine death by “natural causes.” 
A local farmer found dead in his yard with his throat cut. So aggressively and deeply made is the incision that it nearly severs his head from his shoulders.  Local police surprisingly label it a clear “suicide.”  The man’s farm is within easy walking distance of a busy rail spur.
Across the state, all within easy reach of a rail line, other bodies appear."

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