Marilyn A. Hudson, author of The Bones of Summer, When Death Rode the Rails, and co-author of the novel, The Mound, branches out to create a story featuring an intriguing character.

The books featuring 'Madame Delaine' should be in print by mid 2012.   "Madame Delaine and the Gutsy Girl Detective" should be first followed by "Madame Delaine, The Case of Diamonds and Dirigibles."

"She is a little like a female Sherlock Holmes, " Hudson noted, " only with some steam punk perspectives and values."

The works will target the young adult audience but will be enjoyable for any age group. "The focus will be on crafting a good story first and all else will fall into place."

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction and offers alternative universe aspects along with dashing clothes, mechanical gadgets, and steam inspired technologies.  "Think of the movie, 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen', or any of the works of Jules Verne and you can see the blending of the Victorian-Edwardian eras with inventions and strange problems."

Why steampunk?  "Steam punk is one of the fastest growing sub-genres out there and the freedom of the imagination encouraged through it is astounding."  Smiling she said, "A perfect genre for someone who never lost their love of playing 'dress up'."

As not only an author but a storyteller and performer, she is also at work crafting oral stories for some "Steam Punk Storytelling."    When she is not strolling the by-ways with her parasol, penning another tale, or sharing an exciting story, she is at home in Norman, Oklahoma.

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