Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma by Cullan Hudson

Meet the artist and the author: CULLAN HUDSON
[copyrighted images used by permission of artist].

The author Cullan Hudson began his search for stories strange and unusual out of idle curiosity. Soon he realized he had a stack of wonderful stories and legends about Oklahoma. Never content with urban legends, he applied some basic research to the stories (something seldom done) and rounded out the tales with new and, sometimes, intriguing facts.
His work has been hailed as "the source" for all that is strange and wonderful in Oklahoma. He follows the tales, fills in details, debunks when necessary and injects a fun humor to create a truly readable book. He did a great deal of firsthand research, including visiting and speaking with people in the areas discussed. He attended several "investigations" and tracked down sources for many stories.
His talents as a graphic artist set the work apart as well. Evocative, moody, and sometimes haunting images created by the author fill the pages and cover. Hudson is currently at work on a fictional story of paranormal suspense.
Available from Hudson House Publications (5658 NW Pioneer Circle, Norman, OK 73072). ISBN: Cost: $24.00.

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