Meet the artist and the author: Marilyn A.Hudson
In Night Voices, all night radio personality Phil Knight has second thoughts about his chosen career after one night's bizarre, haunting, and mysterious calls. Night Voices is a collection of short stories and contains, by request, several longer versions of stories that first appeared in the now out of print, Shadow Tales of Oklahoma. To follow Night Voices are two other collections, tentatively titled Shadow Roads and Fractures.

Of previous work reviewers have had this to say about her first collection Shadow Tales of Oklahoma :
" ...stories that will surprise you and leave you looking over your shoulder every time you leave the house, paranoid about crossing bridges, ....and make you vow never to find yourself in the middle of nowhere." --Kathryn Thurman
"The stories Marilyn brings us are not only intriguing, but also make us wonder if the happenings are truly possible..."
"I enjoyed reading the stories and folklore of Oklahoma. Just give me a campfire...and Marilyn Hudson's book and the shadow tales will rule the night."
"Marilyn Hudson brings drama to her stories...."

Other works:
Elephant Hips Are Expensive. A children's boook. (HHP, 2007)
Off the Page!: Sharing books and stories with children. (HHP, 2005)
One Night Club and a Mule Barn.(Tate 2006)
Short fiction that appeared in the I & II Volumes of the "Red Dirt Anthology".

In the works:
Annie Oklahoma and other tales of the Sooner State.

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