THE MOUND - A Mystery Set in Oklahoma

Target Release Date Early 2008
An exciting supernatural thriller by Cullan Hudson and M.A. Hudson.
Set in Oklahoma and brimming with its hidden history, THE MOUND will take you on a thrilling journey into the paranormal. Matt Wolf busies himself with the renovation of the Monford Arms Hotel in quiet eastern Oklahoma settlement of Corvus Mound , unaware of his ancient legacy and strange destiny. Karen Houston in perplexed by the incongruous find she discovers while excavating the ancient mounds nearby. Little does she know that it is inextricably linked to her strange and frightening dreams. Psychic Rain Hoffmeyer will need every reserve of insight and intuition to fathom meaning from the bizarre visions leading her to a terror that will challenge her spirit as much as her mind. These three must understand the forces that have drawn them together in order to fight back the ancient evil awakening within THE MOUND.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: hudsonhousepub@yahoo.com or write5658 NW Pioneer Circle Norman, Oklahoma 73072

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