The Shawnee Expo center was abuzz with lovers of reading and books on day one of the festival. In many, many ways this is one of the best book festivals around! Authors, publishers, scholars rubbing shoulders with the writers "just starting", " still dreaming of doing it", and the "not there yet but working hard".

Storytellers and music and the lively Oklahoma spirit! What a way to celebrate the Oklahoma Centennial than through words and story! The HUDSON HOUSE/WHORL BOOKS booth was often busy as people stopped to view the collection of titles: Strange State:Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma by Cullan Hudson; Elephant Hips Are Expensive by Marilyn Hudson and illustrated by Haley Fulco; Off the Page! Basic tips on conducting a storytime by Marilyn Hudson.

Also generating some interest were the free services from PROFESSIONAL REVIEW SERVICE offering review potential for the self-published or emerging author.

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